Horizontal winding wrapping machine


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Fhope horizontal winding wrapping machine is highly favored by users because of its high efficiency and high reliability. This machine is specially designed for packing various products and can be used in different industries. From fiberboards and planks to various rectangular objects. The intelligent system should be suitable for the machine, so that it has perfect performance, is easy to operate and can realize customized settings. Fengding machinery is committed to building the best machines for our customers, not only to improve our competitiveness, but also to change our customers and loyal to our customers.

Introduction to the characteristics of horizontal winding machine

The horizontal winding machine is a kind of equipment that revolves around the goods moving at a uniform speed horizontally by means of a rotating arm, adjusts the tension of the packing materials by means of the structure of the stretching machine, packs the goods into a tight and tidy whole, and forms a spiral regular packing on the surface of the objects. This winding machine is used in plastic profiles, aluminum, plates, pipes and other industries, which can improve the packaging efficiency, reduce the damage in the logistics operation process, and has the advantages of dust-proof and moisture-proof, reducing the packaging cost and labor costs.

The following are the technical features of the horizontal winding packaging machine:

1、 The loop body of the winding packaging machine adopts delta frequency control, and the overlapping degree of the winding belt of the winding machine can be adjusted according to the packaging requirements.

2、 Automatic alarm, automatic fault alarm device and safety protection net, photoelectric detection and protection of goods in and out.

3、 Packaging materials: winding film, non-woven fabric, composite paper, etc. are the main packaging materials. Long strip pipes, plates, wires and other long materials are wound and packaged.

4、 The winding packaging machine can be equipped with the function of labeling the axial side of the package, which makes the package more reliable and shows the trademark of your product, so as to prevent counterfeiting.

5、 Programmable controller and touch screen of man-machine conversation, with adjustable winding layers and times.

6、 Siemens touch HMI display is available. As long as the relevant data of the object is input at random, the microcomputer system will automatically set the winding length and the number of turns.

7、 Use frequency converter to adjust conveyor speed.

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