carbide end milling cutter-terminal mill,cutting tool

The axial force produced by carbide end milling cutter in the ISO material is high in the clamping mechanism. In some cases, even with chuck’s tight grip, the tool can be extracted from Charley. The components produced in these materials are expensive, and a large amount of mechanical processing time is put into use, and the consequences of tool withdrawal are catastrophic.

In this paper, a new iLock positioning system is adopted to ensure the safety of the terminal mill and solve the problem by ensuring the safety of the terminal mill. This is formed by a spiral groove that is ground into a tool’s handle. Pins on the chuck prevent the cutter from being pulled out of the bracket under extreme machining conditions. This solution provides the maximum process security.

These new clamping head and carbide end milling cutter provide a safe and reliable preventive measure with high precision and provide optimized metal cutting efficiency.

CMP related to the iLock project will focus on using titanium powder in aerospace framework components.

The company’s spectral mining tools are reliable performance in many work piece materials. The spectrum faucet is the full utilization of a variety of materials, through its versatility, good production efficiency and high capacity utilization.

This range includes optional DIN, ding/ANSI, ANSI and ISO standards through holes and blind holes. Because of the optimized flute configuration, and maintain a constant rake Angle on the flute, good chip evacuation performance is guaranteed.

And with an optimized flute configuration, low torque and smooth surface are produced on the finished thread.

The company’s CoroTap tool is optimized for each ISO material. There are many benefits to be gained from CoroTap’s range, including high productivity and efficient processing. CoroTap 2310 and CoroTap 3370 are only two new products introduced, which are optimized for steel materials through perforation and blind hole operation.

Edge design is an important feature, and its edge processing and grade ensure the reduction of axial force and torque. This makes the tool run more smoothly, reduces the risk of cutting and improves the surface quality.