coro drill 862-carbide drill,deep hole drilling

The new hard alloy micro drill provides excellent performance for holes with a diameter of 0.073 inches to 0.116 inches. The coro drill 862 has a thin TiAlN coating that helps maintain the edge geometry and provides a smooth surface for the evacuation of the chip. This will help extend the life of work piece materials including steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum.

The innovative post-treatment of coro drill 862, combined with the special design of point geometry, reduces the thrust and improves the fast and effective chip removal. This is aided by advanced chip management (ACM) flute geometry, which helps to evacuate the chip. This is critical for micro drilling because even the smallest accumulation can lead to problems such as drilling breakage, precision loss, downtime, and obsolescence.

The coro drill 862 also provides a good drilling inlet and outlet, and can realize the hole capacity of it8- it9. The internal coolant hole directly transfers the coolant directly to the top of the drill, even at the depth of the deep drilling, which can further help the precision and chip.

The drill can be used on a bit of 8-12 x D, which only applies to obtaining a high precision clip from SC Coromant.

SC introduced coro drill 861, a new type of carbide drill used for deep hole drilling. Using advanced chip management (ACM) flute geometry, the new drill can produce small, manageable chips. This method combines the point geometry of special design, reduces thrust and double bias edge geometry, and provides high stability for the most convenient and effective drilling deep hole.

Effective chip evacuation is critical when deep hole drilling is taken. The heat and friction generated by the accumulation of a large number of chips can affect productivity and tool life, and even in some cases lead to drilling and downtime. On the coro drill 861, it provides a uniform edge preparation that can protect the edge from premature cutting and peeling, thereby helping to minimize costs.

Using its innovative geometric structure, the coro drill 861 can produce a precise deep hole in the depth of a 12-30 x drill diameter without having to pick it up. It is suitable for the workpiece material in steel, stainless steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metal application field. The internal coolant hole directly sends the coolant directly to the top of the drill, even in deep drilling depth, which can help the accuracy and chip evacuation. In addition to the traditional drilling, coro drilling machine also can produce 861 cross hole, hole in the Angle of the Angle, which makes the auto power transmission system is very want to make such as crankshaft, engine block and cylinder head components.

In a customer performance test, a coro drill 861 with a diameter of 0.406 in diameter was used for the horizontal drilling operation of alloy steel, resulting in a significant effect. The tool has a depth of 5.5 inches (15xD), which is 60 percent higher than the equivalent of a rival drill (30 minutes of processing time). The mechanical processing speed increased from 22 to 36 / min, which allowed the drill to reach 90 feet, while the competitor’s drilling rate reached 55 feet.