coro drill 870- gear milling cutter,cutting tool

The company is now available for drilling in steel and cast iron. The coro drill 870 is part of a new generation of interchangeable tip drills designed to save time and reduce drilling costs.

Coro drill 870 can be optimized according to the possibility of diameter, step and length. Holes can be more efficient and closer to the required specifications, making them more suitable for subsequent operations.

The highly secure interface between the drill and the tip ensures reliability and precision, while a quick and simple technique change process helps to maximize machining time. The new cut geometry and grade provide a secure cutting process that allows for improved penetration while maintaining chip control and increasing tool life.

The drill has a diameter of 12 to 25.90 mm (0.472 to 1.020 inches) and is 3, 5, 8 times the length of the drill. Each drill has a unique interface size and matching technique to achieve the hole tolerance of IT9 to IT10.

SC company has introduced a new optical cutting blade for its innovative CoroMill 1370 precision gear milling cutter. -pl geometry side insertion reduces the cutting force, making it the optimal choice for small gear milling machines, allowing users to choose to reduce power consumption or run faster and longer.

The insert features a positive chip circuit breaker that minimizes unwanted cutting force and vibration. This helps reduce heat generation in the cutting area and extends the insertion life. In the test, the new -PL geometry showed a 20% power requirement when the maximum chip thickness was less than 0.004 inches.

Using the company’s GC1030, the newly inserted technical features support greater cutting stability and allow for higher cutting speed. In the steel application field, the typical operation includes rough grinding of internal and external gears, as well as the processing of large gears within the 12-22 module range. The company recommends that a lower input than the existing 170 insert geometry, such as -pm.