coro drilling 808-cutting tool,milling tool

With the development of new technology and the emergence of automobile industry, manufacturers face high demands for quality, safety and production efficiency. The new Coromant level is GC43315 and GC43325, which is designed to support the reliability and process safety of the automotive industry.

Transmission manufacturing is mass production, with low cost per part. Therefore, high process security, short cycle time, and consistent quality are critical to achieving faster delivery times and lower production costs. Soft rotation before hardening. Provide high wear resistance and excellent tool life, which is where the performance of the steel grade GC43315 and GC43325 is significantly improved.

Under stable conditions, the first selection level of the soft stage conversion, GC43315, is designed for the rotation of high-speed steel and has a long predictable tool life. The standard GC43325 is a harder steel transfer grade, which can manage interrupted cutting and uneven cutting depth on the highway. Both levels can enable high cut data without sacrificing the quality of the components. If the spindle speed limit does not make full use of their capacity, the maximum productivity can be achieved by applying higher feeding rates. These two grades are excellent choices for the outer diameter rotation, replication and performance analysis, ensuring the predictable performance of safe transmission manufacturing.

SC is working on the STS system, and coro drilling 808 starts a deep hole machining concept. The product has many features and is equipped with optimized gasket design to increase the chip’s fragmentation and enhanced edge insertion Angle, increasing safety and reliability. Applicable to the diameter and tolerance requirements of 15.60 to 65.00 mm (0.614 to 2.559 inches), the coro drilling machine 808 can produce the perfect hole without considering the component material.

According to the company, suitable for closed holes, Coro drill 808 is an ideal energy segment, for example, on the heat exchanger plate. Low carbon steel, low carbon steel and low carbon steel used in these types of applications are difficult to be machined due to complex chip fracture and maintenance of tool life. Due to the special design geometry and grade technology, coro drilling machine 808 in the most demanding conditions, produced superior close range tolerance. In addition, the drill can be used as a standard 24 – hour stock standard project.

The coro drill 808 advanced rig is equipped with a fully traceable point matrix. It is a two-dimensional graphical array for storing and displaying various types of information, such as measurement protocols. This protocol includes the diameter and the drilling data, making the point matrix a very safe product identification and traceability tool.