Coro Mill plur-3 router-NC machine tools,cutting tools

The new Coro Mill plur-3 router, launched by SC, provides optimized milling and grooving operations for composite materials such as CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) and GFRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic). Production engineers, mechanical workshop managers and operators will benefit from the new router with patent geometry, especially those in the aerospace industry, the field of these materials is more and more popular, and industries such as cars, racing, wind and sea of other areas.

Processing solutions for specific composite materials are becoming an increasingly important factor in the search for improved quality, cycle time and cost of machine shops. The abrasive content of many composite materials has resulted in rapid tool wear, reduced cutting quality, temperature rise, vibration and unstable cutting conditions. In order to solve these challenges, we have developed three, four, five axis nc machining center of CFRP and GFRP’s latest technology, but also developed a three, four, five axis nc machining center, and a new type of NC machine tools and independent system of mechanical arm.

The brand is an effective solution in many industries. On the latest generation of router, patent geometry is designed to promote the composite aircraft parts processing, including the fuselage, wings, stabilizers, stringers, spars, frame, frame, substructure, floor deck beams and pillars and stress, “Aaron Howcroft said,” the global product manager, composite materials, Aaron Howcroft.” “Routers provide high productivity and have the longest tool life in the market. In addition, they can serve as a standard project for rapid sequencing, which will benefit the procurement team.”

When milling and grooving composite materials, the new router is mainly used for full radial contact and full depth cutting. In some cases, the delivery can also be deployed. The spiral Angle is carefully designed to achieve the desired sharpness and the strength of the cutting edge, thus ensuring longer tool life and high quality surfaces, edges and slots. The series consists of three cutting tools: Coro Mill plur-3 compression router, Coro Mill Plura-3 low helical router, and Coro Mill Plura ser-3 rated router.

Coro Mill plur-3 compression router, with its double 40 helix structure, can use special woven glass layers at both ends of the CFRP component. Because of the overlap of the compression flow, in thin, flat materials, the router performs well by reducing the vibration of the material.

Specially designed for the smooth, glabrous processing of CFRP, the Coro Mill Plura-3 low-helical router features a large number of teeth and a layer of coating that can help quickly cut and protect heat. The left and right helical choices allow flexibility in materials with challenging supporting conditions, such as weak or compromised fixation.

Finally, the Coro Mill plur-3 rated router, with its big flute, can achieve high material removal rates. The geometric structure also provides a double cutting action to reduce layering and vibration, and finally provides a single solution to minimize the stress of composite materials.

All three available Plura routers can be used with or without a coolant.