CoroCut QD-cooling tool,cutting force

CoroCut QD is a reliable system, a reliable system for deep grooves and a long – run separation that extends the insertion and durability of the coolant and coolant. The system is supported by plug and play adaptors to facilitate processing and efficient coolant supply.

For rod manufacturers, process safety is the key to production efficiency in good chip control and reliable tool life. To meet these needs, CoroCut QD combines powerful tools and inserts with rigid clamping and effective coolant supply.

An important aspect of long knife life is very good chip control. This is done by cooling and cooling on all tools, these tools can make the temperature drops to the cutting edge, reduce tool wear and more stable performance, and provide effective chip evacuation.

Added to the support plug and play adapter, convenient coolant connection, and a rigid, but user-friendly clamping mechanism, easy insert change, you get CoroCut QD. The system not only guarantees the process safety, but also the processing efficiency is very simple.

The cutting force is high on the cutting edge. To withstand this temperature, the tool material has a high resistance to fatigue performance, and the seat has a support at the top of the tool, the insert will remain in its place, prevent when inserted into the indexed, the seat will not wear. In addition, the product has good adhesion and high border security and has a long service life in each separation operation.

On March 3, the company will provide Inveio with a new level of steel and cast iron. In today’s manufacturing industry, predictability is becoming more and more important. Production runs smoothly, without accidental interruption, which can guarantee high production and machine utilization; This is the cornerstone of a profitable production process.

After successfully introducing GC43325 in October 2013, SC now extends this classification and introduces new GC43315 and GC33330. These three grades are characterized by the endurance, predictability and long duration of tool life.

The performance of these grades is made by Inveio’s one-way crystal orientation. In general, the crystalline direction of the CVD alumina coating is random. The SC found a way to control the growth of crystals, and arranged them in the same direction to form a stronger, more uniform coating structure. These dense crystals form a powerful barrier in the cutting zone and wafer.

The result is an incredible abrasion resistance and cutting edge that keeps it in shape and lasts longer in the cut. The long and predictable tool life of GC43325, GC43315 and GC33330 enables safe unmanned production with high metal removal rates.

It is reported that GC43325 is the first choice for steel turning. When GC43325 reaches the limit of metal removal rate due to high speed and long cutting, GC43315 will have high cutting temperature. It is reported that GC33330 is the first choice for milling in cast iron.