CoroMill 3316-shoulder milling,slot milling,cutting tools

From ISO – P to ISO materials, can be used for high feed surface, slot milling, helical interpolation, shoulder milling, milling, milling and other materials, can be used for internal coolant holes of high-performance systems, suitable for all kinds of materials of high feed processing, milling, milling, milling, etc.

The processing of such materials, such as heat-resistant superalloys, titanium and stainless steel, usually requires the use of coolant during the cutting process to control temperature control and chip evacuation. Interference with chips and chips usually leads to poor surface quality and damages to cutting edges and cutting tools.

According to the company, by providing a solution of internal cooling agent, with precise localization of coolant holes to optimize the effect of coolant jet, corom3316 316 to the solution of the external coolant is better than the existing problems, guarantee better chip evacuation and the safety of the cutting process.

The company’s 3316 system allows machine shops to switch quickly, conveniently, and accurately between operations, such as tool type, radius change, tooth frequency, geometric shape and grade. CoroMill 3316 grinder even applies to the double side milling of 5 axis milling, which usually requires a taper tool to ensure the stability of the tool range for a long time.

The company’s CoroMill 4319 is a new type of five-sided high feed milling concept for rough machining and semi-finishing, which has excellent performance in all material groups and has excellent optimization performance.

The new milling cutter is suitable for most applications that require high feed surface and profile milling. It is very suitable for parts that require long suspension, even for lower power machines and weaker fixtures.

Its advantages include, in need light cutting operation and long service life, high efficiency, especially in difficult to machining materials of stainless steel, hardened steel and titanium is optimized.

By cooling all the tools, efficient wet machining can be achieved, and the compressed air can be selected for cooling, which provides improved chip evacuation for deep cavity milling and spiral interpolation.

CoroMill 4319 is equipped with a strong and sturdy blade that can be used for reliable machining of 5 cutting edges. It has a wide range of insertion levels and geometric shapes that provide you with the choice of most materials and applications. CoroMill 4319 has a diameter of 32-100mm(1.25-4 inches).