CoroMill 3357-face milling cutter,grooving tool

In the face of open slot applications, the machine shop looking for a competitive advantage should not see the new CoroBore 8325 SL from SC’s face. This rotating axial surface grooving tool provides an efficient alternative for milling grooves used in pumps, valves, hydraulics, pulp and paper industries.

The solution USES a standard sl-32 blade and corocut-1-32 insert, but enhances chip control through the coolant function. This combines with high levels of rigidity to increase cutting data.

In any metal cutting operations, chip evacuation is a concern, but because the chip is more likely to be trapped in the grooves and were cut back, so when slot is crucial. Therefore, it is very beneficial to pass the coolant directly to the cutting edge.

The slot on the surface of CoroBore 8325 SL provides a radial fine-tuning for pre-set purposes with diameters ranging from 47 to 1275 mm. For a smaller diameter (1.85 to 5.91/47-150mm) C6 and C8 adapters can be used for a special face slot with a larger diameter (larger than 5.91/150mm), which can be configured with CoroBore XL.

The first option is to have a small nose radius (less than 0.0078 inch /0.2 mm) or -tf for a larger nose radius (greater than 0.0078 inch / 0.2mm) and the recommended starting value is 0.006/ RPM (0.15/ RPM). However, if the width of tolerance is needed, the choice is ideal. In this case, the recommended starting value is 0.004/ RPM (0.10m/RPM).

For applications involving other shapes, such as v-grooves, you can use custom insert solutions.

SC company introduces CoroMill 3357, a new type of multi-blade face milling cutter, which is processed in steel and cast iron and has high insertion safety. In a typical application, such as rough surface milling, chip, intermittent component forming, uneven stock or casting, welding and casting parts, used CoroMill 3357 won the high metal removal rate and high productivity.

CoroMill 3357 multilateral design provides a cost effective solution, because of the thick, on both sides of the pentagon instrumentation in protecting the tip of the seat provides superior production economic and reliable performance. The safety and solid blade features of the mill are an innovative insertion clamping system which provides quick and easy insertion index to save time. Large elevation, axial and axial direction to prevent deformation and ensure stable performance.

For the ISO 50 and larger machines, the depth cutting depth of CoroMill 3357 is 10mm (0.394 inches), and the feed for each tooth is 0.7mm/z (0.0276in/z). CoroMill 3357 has a diameter of 100 to 315 millimeters (4-10 inches).