CoroReamer 4335-high-performance drill,

The company recently introduced two new readers. In the case of high surface quality and tolerance, the solid carbohydrate derived from CoroReamer family is the solution to the problem. With special geometry and internal coolant, they provide excellent pore quality and process safety.

CoroReamer 4335 is multifunctional and high-performance reamer for a variety of different materials.

CoroReamer 8335 is suitable for the best performance of steel and stainless steel materials.

In the spiral groove design, the blind hole can be obtained through the design of the hole and the straight flute. The diameter range is 3.97-20mm(0.156-0.787 inch) as the standard, which can realize the whole capacity of IT7.

These complementary CoroReamer 830 are used for large diameter applications.

The company is launching a series of new materials for a variety of materials. This new series is designed to components in a variety of applications, on the size, shape, and material processing of high performance and safety, reduce the requirements for each different operating tool of change.

The terminal plant supports all applications from rough processing to completion and analysis operations. Their features include: in order to avoid premature sharpening, for maximum stability, in order to avoid premature sharpening, in order to avoid the emergence of a tooth, in order to avoid premature teeth, can use at the ends of the teeth. The coating of the new coating on GC1630 has strong wear resistance, especially for rough and dry.

The company has introduced coro drill bed 460- xm. The new type of drilling rig is a multi-purpose, high-performance drill, which can be widely used in various materials. The drill has high capacity utilization, flexibility and versatility. The drilling of all materials can reduce the inventory, improve the flexibility of the machine, and shorten the installation time.

The company reported that the coro rig, 460-xm, was made of fine particulate matter with a perfect combination of hardness and toughness, resulting in high abrasion resistance and longer service life. The coating has a special treatment method to reduce the friction coefficient. Strong web design provides excellent cross-section strength, plus increased flute volume, enhanced chip evacuation. The 140-degree point Angle ideal is suitable for multi-purpose drilling, with good central performance and low thrust design.

The standard diameter of the drill is 3 to 20 mm (0.118 to 0.787 inches). 2 to 5 times drill diameter (DIN 6537 K and DIN 6537 L). Achievable hole tolerances: IT8 to IT9, available internal and external coolant.