High performance steel milling-cutting tools,slot milling cutter, face milling cutter

High-performance steel milling, GC11330, for cutting tools and tool systems professional SC, can be used for Coro Mill QD and Coro Mill 3331 slot milling cutter. GC11330 is the latest Zertivo rating from SC, which provides high metal removal rates and safe performance levels in wet and dry machining operations.

It can be used in Coro Mill 3900, Coro Mill 4900 and Coro Mill 4950 shoulder and chamfering systems, which are extended to benefit from a wider range of user configurations, such as longer tool life and secure processing.

Now, machine shops can use the Coro Mill QD level GC1130 in both external and internal processing and processing for deep and narrow grooves. In order to increase the requirement of slot milling, the insertion of GC1130 can also be applied to Coro Mill 3331, a multi-purpose side and face milling cutter. This purpose is widely used, with slot, double – side milling, shoulder milling, face milling, back face milling, gang milling, round edge etc.

At present, GC1130 has been introduced to seven other product families. In addition to Coro Mill QD and Coro Mill 3331, it can also be used in corom7930 and t-max long side (shoulder milling), coromill-3 century (noodle milling), Coro Mill 1730 and Coro Mill 1736 (gear milling).

Project manager Bjorn Ericsson said: “in the field of ISO P application, especially when faced with unfavorable tool path, the deep hole or the use of coolant, often encounter such as spelling, thermal crack and suddenly broken problem.” “We have developed GC1130 to help machine shops overcome the impact of reduced insertion of life and unstable production.”

The company produces a PVD production technology for enhanced grade advantage – gc1130 provides high side – line safety and reduced peeling. In addition, high chromium content and fine grain substrate have high resistance to thermal crack, which can help ensure long – term reliable tool life.