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The main challenge of slot milling is usually the evacuation of the chip. Chip problems can affect production efficiency, reduce the quality of parts or cause knife damage, especially in fine grooves and deep grooves. Dedicated to slot milling and separation operations, Calloy tool-4 is from MC’s Coromant, which handles optimized geometry and unique internal coolant solutions.

The inserted geometry makes the shape of the chip narrower than the shape of the slot, and then the chip is flushed out by the coolant. According to the company, the technology combines a long and predictable life of tools to make Calloy tool-4 a reliable solution to a secure, trouble-free production process.

A new set of adapters complements the new tool. These adapters can be used with Calloy tool-4 tools, regardless of whether the preferred machine is a small, medium-sized processing center, a large processing center or multi-tasking machine. Silent tool adapters can be used for long suspension processing.

The internal coolant is based on a four-channel transmission solution from the adaptor to the cutter. By implementing this solution on the new adapter for Calloy tool-4, the coolant can be delivered.

High – process security and long – term predictable tool life are essential in heavy operations. The optimized flute shape of Calloy tool-34 is a valuable insight obtained through finite element analysis. The shape of flute ensures effective chip evacuation when processing large area cutting. The design also prevents the chip’s recutting and sudden tool breakage. By effectively removing the chip, the complete slot milling diameter is twice as large and twice the diameter without affecting the process safety. The internal coolant also facilitates the evacuation and temperature control of the largest chip in the stainless steel terminal.

Geometric features and grades allow special metal removal rates and tool life. Two new levels have been developed; One is comprehensive, preferably dry machining, one that deals with harsh conditions and a lot of wet processing. This rigid facial geometry was developed to cope with increasing operations. Other features include different asphalt and cylindrical soils to help reduce vibration and provide reliable rough performance.