CoroMill 316-head milling cutter,slot milling,face milling

New generation CoroMill 316 gm interchangeable head milling cutter, further expanded the company’s existing solid circular tool combination, by improving the ISO P (steel) and ISO M (stainless steel) material processing operations, has the higher versatility and production capacity. Further benefits include the high reliability of almost all applications, as well as enhanced tool life and silent processing.

Applicable to all general milling machining, including high feed processing, slot milling, screw interpolation, shoulder milling, profile milling and chamfering milling. The exchangeable head allows users to switch easily and accurately between various operations, providing optimized radius change, tooth frequency, geometric shape and grade for the terminal plant. In addition to steel and stainless steel, these tools can be successfully used in ISO K (cast iron) and ISO S (heat resistant superalloy) materials.

Tiziana Pro said: “the latest generation of corom3316 products has added longer lengths to its list of attributes, providing greater flexibility for machine stores.” He said he was a product manager at sandvik. Specific operations include those requiring higher axial depth, up to 1.2 times of dc, and operations requiring high stability and vibration suppression. In particular, the modular Coromant EH system and CoroMill 316 provide many solutions for all types of machine and user challenges.

The manufacturer can choose Coromant EH as a rotating module interface with a diameter of 32 mm (1.256 inches). Applicable to small interface integration adapter to the machine, suitable for the measuring line and key swing diameter small interface (BT30 SK40 hsk40/50/63, ER, DTH), as well as the application in long trailer type, the different handle a diameter of 35 mm (1.38 inch).

In order to provide high productivity and low cost, the company introduced CoroMill 7345 design from other companies, with double-sided and multi-lateral design, which is an ideal choice for large-scale production. The milling cutter has an inclined insert positioning system and sharp cutting edge, which can provide a light cutting operation in low power consumption.

In the case of each insert, there are 14 cutting edges, and CoroMill 7345 is a cost-benefit option for face milling. These classifications include three versions of tones. When vibration is a factor, its differential asphalt design is the best, and the thickness of each insert is guaranteed by radial compensation. For general applications, M tones are the best, while H tones have higher teeth, making it the best option to improve productivity. M and MD have the same number of teeth.

In order to make the insertion index fast and simple, the unique insertion location system is inserted into the design at the top seat and heptagonal insertion, which will be inserted safely in the pocket when installed. The insertion position is tilted to form a positive cutting action. Add geometry and rank to steel and cast iron. For rough machining and semi-finishing applications, strong and light cutting blades provide reliable face milling in all types of milling machines.

According to Matts Westin, global product manager for MW, “you may see other multilateral concept mills in the market, but none have the performance of corom745.” The science behind it is impressive. Unique double-sided, multi-lateral insertion design, with 14 straight cutting edges, has spacing in different positions, making the milling cutter quiet and soft. For our customers, this means that they get a high productivity milling cutter, which increases the life of the tool, and the cost of each component is lower.”