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Machine shop facing the implementation of the security processing methods, in the steel milling operations, long and predictable insert life can turn to GC1130, this is a kind of use Zertivo production technology, it is a unique production technology from SC. GC1130 helps to overcome challenging processing conditions and maintains a clean and complete edge, providing high metal removal and performance levels in wet and dry machining operations. This product is the first choice of “shoulder milling cutter“, “CoroMill 3390” and “CoroMill 4390”, “chamfer knife” and “CoroMill 4395”.

In the steel application, especially when it comes to the adverse cutting tool path and deep cavity or the use of coolant, it is a common problem that the spalling, sudden spalling and hot crack occur. GC1130 has been specifically developed to help production engineers solve the undesirable effects of short insertion tool life and unstable production. A unique production technology produced by the company, which has helped to improve the benefits of the hierarchy through greater security and reduced reduction. In addition, in the process of processing, due to the fluctuation of temperature, the fine grain substrate of high chromium content has high resistance to the thermal crack, thus guaranteeing the long-term reliable tool life.

“In the search for safe processing, insertion geometry and grade selection are just as important as the choice of tools,” according to my company’s product manager. Tools and inserts are contributions to the overall performance of operations. Many times, when using GC1130, customers can move from one component to another without stopping production. This saves them time and money.”

When repeated shoulder milling is required, the combination of GC1130 and CoroMill 4390 provides appropriate light cutting action and smooth contour, effectively reducing the need for complete operation. Also available for CoroMill 3390, this level is best when multiple component features are required. Under challenging conditions, additional security and predictability are brought to mechanical processing, which includes a variety of different types of tools and a wide selection of corner radius. It can realize shoulder milling, straight line, spiral, milling, deep shoulder milling, edge, pocket and so on.

Pairing CG1130 with CoroMill 4395 can reduce downtime and allow for higher machine utilization in applications that require a variety of steel-type no-fail chamfering. In addition to the chamfering of holes and edges, typical applications include chamfering, welding preparation and removal of hair.

President Thomas Wikgren learned from the company’s product manager that “greater process safety, productivity, and tool life are all in the range of GC1130.” Finally, our customers are looking for reliable tools and insertion combinations that will help them reduce the cost of each component.