The company’s core products-indexable milling cutter


The company’s core products – Coromant Capto, Coromant EH and coro – are reported to be in the best interests of manufacturers who want to build a machine or a whole factory. And for each machine, components and features to purchase different tools, modular tool solutions allow machine shop building optimization tool set, in order to meet the needs of all applications, only need to use a small amount of standard project.

“Using a modular tool strategy, in the whole workshop created a standardized solutions, eliminates need for expensive engineering tools,” Ake Axner said, he is a global product manager – machine integration. “The confirmed Coromant Capto is a good example. The modular concept provides quick change tool holder, it can be directly integrated into the main shaft, and provides a lot of extension, and reduce the adapter, enable tools to assemble different length and the design features of tools, without considering the machine interface.”

Similarly, recently introduced Coromant EH system, the exchangeable cutting head, the application can rotate to 32 mm (1.260 inch), provides users with a variety of cemented carbide cutting head, the indexable milling cutter, boring head, integrated machine adapter and calf. It has a great advantage in large machining centers, as well as in small and medium processing centers, and rotating centers with critical lengths.

Another modular product line from SC is the coro transition SL modular system. The highly robust serrated lock (SL) interface allows users to create a wide range of tool combinations from a small adapter and cutting header for internal and external processing operations.

As an example of tool modularity, we can consider the component features that are difficult to reach. Here, Coromant Capto can provide all of the different length and machine type solution, at the same time, combined with the right kernel module adaptor, and on the application provides the accessibility and accessibility.

Or, consider the need for stability in an easily vibrating operation. This is the modularity of the coro transition SL, which benefits from the silent tools that inhibit boring bars, ensure productivity, and tolerate long periods of suspension.

Axner said: “no matter how many machines do you have, want to have a little inventory, covering all the machine interface, the longer the length of the application or different, with Axner will save time and money.”

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