The customer reply for the orbital stretch wrapper

About the S-100 wrapping machine, do you still need any help with it?
Does the quotation meet your requirements? If our machine is what you are looking for, let’s discuss more about it.
1) How works the rod storage& in-feeding device? I want to put a big amount of threaded rods (around 5000) or more and then start the process to count and feed it to the bundling and strapping device. Does the rod storage& in-feeding device has the capabilities to do so? Do you have other options to do the rod storage& in-feeding?

2) They want to increase the bundle packing to 4 bundles per minute for the 3m threaded rod, Does is it possible to reach that speed? You can have in mind that we can add a new strapping machine getting the following array.

Please check theanswers:

  1. When I touch “Operator panels”, the page at Attachment 1 is seen. What is this function?

Normally, I can be able to rotate rollers during machine is running in the automatic mode.


—-It’s for manually operation.


  1. When I touch “Parameter” on the automatic home page, Attachment 2 is seen. I put inner dia,

outer dia and width. What can it change when I write different diameters and width? What is

the function of this property?

—–You can input the OD,ID,WIDTH vary from the size of coils. That means you can change the parameter according coil by coil.

And than the machine can automatic wrapping after press “start” and automatic stop while wrapping done.



  1. Also, there is a cutting time in Attachment 2. Does machine capable of cutting the wrapping material?

What will happen after 2.0 min?


—-It’s an optional function of this type machine,but in our order is no necessary and without this function.


  1. Also, what is the meaning of “once twist” which is seen at the same page?

—-“Once twist” mean finishing a coil wrapping by one time.


  1. When I proceed to next page, Attachment 3 is seen. What is the function of ring orientation time,

roller orientation time, orientation parameter and rev parameter? What should be the values of these parameters?


—–Please check the manual.

Ring orientation time::1-20. Based on the automatic calculation of “PLC”, ring running time can be appropriately prolonged to ensure the packaging tapes stored on the tape storage wheel are used up


Roller orientation time::1-20. Based on the automatic calculation of “PLC”, roller running time can be appropriately prolonged to adjust the stopping position of the ends of packaging tape.

Orientation parameter: -99~99. “PLC” can automatically calculate the length of required packaging tape, but the calculated value is a little different from the actual required one due to the dimension of unpackaged object and the extension of packaging tape and etc. And thus it is a variable value.

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