cutting tool- indexable milling,silent tool milling

Normally, heat generated by heat requires a thin film to be applied to the cutting tool.

Machining operations, wear caused by wear, and the possibility of chip adhesion. that

Proper coating (properly applied) increases surface hardness and reduces friction coefficient.

Thermal conductivity. It also provides a surface for chemical inertia. Fortunately, diatomite paint department

Have enough knowledge

And experience creating paint

This maximizes tools and wear

Some productivity, in turn

To provide us with cost-effectiveness

The customer. Over the years, we have seen a significant improvement in tool life and component quality. We also

Reduces friction and heat accumulation, high resistance to edge accumulation, and abrasions and cracks

Communication – all of this is due to our coating development and application process.

Company provides a new type of diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) plating wheel for indexable milling applications. The company has designed a kind of electronic devices, is used to replace expensive, complex carbide cutter, in high yield production of complete applications, require very precise straightness, close to the tolerance of consistency and repeatable.

With the correct machine conditions and speed/feed parameters, the electromagnetic wheel greatly increases the flow rate, reduces the cost of the tool, replaces the cutter, and reduces the downtime. The product can be successfully used in the ocean, small engines, automobiles, off-road, agricultural, aerospace, defense and other industrial fields, as well as black, nonferrous metals and exotic materials.

SC launches an extension that ranges from silent tool milling adapters. Starting October 1, the length is 4-5xd, and these new repressed adapters can provide more than 50 percent productivity growth over uninhibited components.

When applied to all kinds of milling operations, the advantages of the patent suppression mechanism can be seen. The adapter will significantly improve the ability of surface treatment, even if increased cutting data, allowing a longer exposure period, by increasing the temperature limits, and through the guidance of tree stem the possibility of coolant, increases the life span of the cutting tool.

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