high – feed CoroMill 7435-face milling cutter,gantry mill

SC has introduced a new high – feed CoroMill 7435 face milling cutter, which has 25 entry angles in milling steel and cast iron workpieces to improve production efficiency. This new, high-availability version can even increase the removal rate of the metal in the application, with a depth of 2.8 millimeters (0.110 inches). The new tool will bring benefits to the mold, pump, valve, oil and gas, automobile, power generation and general engineering industries.

Although MRR and productivity have improved, there is no compromise when using a new type of high feed CoroMill 7435. The company reported that light cutting operations from innovative insertion locations provide excellent chip formation, smooth, soft sound and low power consumption.

“One of the important advantages of this new tool is that it has a lower cost of double-sided and 14-sided design,” said Matts Westin, the product manager, who is “sandvik.” “In fact, the procurement department will be pleased to learn that the cost of the tool inventory has been reduced because corom’s morbidly 745 intake and 25 horns use the same interpolation.”

The goal of CoroMill 7435 is semi-finishing machining on machining centers and multi-tasking machines. The tool has a multilateral concept, especially for large volume production, flexible transmission lines, and maximum tool utilization. When from ISO P or ISO K materials components, such as valves, engine blocks, wheels, main frame, pump components and mould, in fact, any type of general engineering components, offers some advantages.

A short (0.6mm, 0.024-inch) parallel land guarantees the perfection of the surface. The big screw ensures easy operation, while the insertion position and the seven-tooth insert shape make the clamping secure in a reliable face milling operation. Internal coolant is suitable for all knives from 63 to 160 mm (2.5 to 6.0 inches).

To provide an example of potential gains, a customer trial application shows that in an ISO 50 type gantry mill, the machines from casting CMC ST532 bed was a great interest in the component. A 125mm (5in) CoroMill 7435 has a 40% reduction in cycle time compared to a competitor’s tool.

The high feed CoroMill 7435 has a 25 inlet Angle and complements CoroMill 7435 and 42.


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