Fhope pallet inverter-B series

pallet inverter-B series

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Basic introduction of automatic tray turning machine

1. Pallet changing device Pallet turning machine Automatic pallet turning machine, which is mainly used to turn the pallet on the pallet and turn it under the cargo after it is rotated 180 degrees.

2. The tray turning machine has a novel and unique design, which is safe, stable and convenient for lifting and rotating, which can greatly improve work efficiency and save labor.

3. Mainly used in cement, granules, plastic film, food canning, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries to replace and replace pallets of whole pallets, without pallet storage, palletless packing, loading and other storage and transportation work.

No manual loading is needed, saving the use, loss and loss of pallets in storage and transportation projects, and reducing costs. Reduce the volume and weight when packing.

It is suitable for quickly removing the tray or replacing the tray (broken tray, specially requested tray).

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