180° Pallet Inverter

180° Pallet Inverter

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180 degree pallet turning machine application industry: widely used in metallurgy, machinery, steel, oil fields, docks, ocean transportation, electric power, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, railway, aviation, military and other industries. If your goods are on pallets and require a 180-degree flip, you can use this 180-degree pallet flipper to flip.

Cargo bottom and top with plastic pallets

1. Use a motorized forklift to place the goods on the turning machine workbench;

2. Manually clamp the cargo and lift it to the safe turning range;

3. Turn the pallet 180 ° with the cargo;

4. Release the splint;

5. Turn the machine back into place;

6. Remove the goods together with the pallets from the pallet changer with a motorized forklift;

7. Remove the top plastic tray;


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