high feed milling cutter-indexable milling cutters

SC introduced a high feed milling cutter with a diameter of 13 to 25 mm and a diameter of 0.500 to 1,000 inches. One of the advantages of using new CoroMill 4135 is that it enhances security, thanks to iLock insertion of seat interface technology, high cutting volume and high capacity of high metal removal rates.

CoroMill 4135 covers SC existing circular tool products and existing high supply products such as CoroMill 3210 and CoroMill 3419.

A major feature is the insertion of the tool’s iLock into the seat interface, which is designed to provide high stability and reduce the possibility of obsolete artifacts. In addition, the insert seat itself ensures that small inserts are easier to handle.

In the process of cutting, additional stability is an appropriate option for corom’s pathological 415 to become a machine shop for production solutions. For example, the tool can increase the metal removal rate, which is supported by the high density and high availability of the tool. High metal removal rate, in turn, helps to increase productivity, this is a super closed H tone added, because the tool has high stability, internal it can be deployed to ensure more than has been cutting a tooth.

Another benefit for manufacturers is that although inserts are small, each provides four cutting edges to help reduce the cost of each component and improve its competitive advantage.

CoroMill 4315 can also use Coromant EH (an exchangeable head) interface for those who want to reduce their tool inventory and minimize machine downtime. With Coromant, manufacturers can access various kinds of hard alloy cutting heads, indexable milling cutters, boring heads, integrated machine adapters and shanks to reduce their tool stocks.

This adds versatility, supported by the applicability of CoroMill 4315 to all ISO materials and many different parts processing applications.

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