larger tool life -CB7105 and CB7115

To help manufacturers in the hard part to shorten cycle and larger tool life enjoy benefits, such as SC strengthened in existing offer ISO H05 and H15 applications, and introduces two new level: CB7105 and CB7115. This level will be particularly beneficial for the processing parts of the automotive industry since each component costs less.

Compared with the traditional grinding process, the processing time and cost of hard parts are reduced by more than 70%, while providing greater flexibility, better delivery time and higher quality. However, these gains can only be achieved by optimizing the insertion level. , according to the company on the CB7105, SC has created a “hard part” level, compared with the existing solutions, it provides a larger crater wearability, while the CB7115 is to provide users with better than other grades of fracture resistance. These benefits are equivalent to higher speeds and better edge line toughness.

The machining of hard parts is usually a complete or semi-finished process, with typical processing challenges including high surface and dimensional tolerances, and competitive tool life. CB73105 and CB73115 are developed to meet these challenges by applying high-performance PCBN class materials and coatings, as well as appropriate adjustment of edge preparation. In the process of insertion, a combination of high-quality control creates the benefit of many end users.

“CB73105 allows machine shops to reduce costs when they are used as part of a high-speed processing strategy,” says product manager Torbjorn green, who works at SC. Or, this level of users can benefit from a lower tool life. CB73115 is designed to reduce the cost of each component, especially the speed of a reduction strategy.

In one case, a test site was converted to CB73105 and CB73115, adding at least 15% of cases of case hardening 16MnCrS5(57-62 HRC) vehicle parts production. CB73115 has more than 600 components (in 15 minutes), predictable surface generation and low Rz values. Cutting speed is 170 meters per minute. (557 SFM), the feed rate is 0.22mm/RPM. (0.008 intellectual property), the cutting depth is 0.15mm (0.006in).

In the end, reliable and predictable machining is always the target, when it comes to machining use case hardening or induction hardenings steel components, such as transmission shafts and gears. CB73105 and CB73115 provide the latest PCBN materials, edge preparation, and improved border quality to ensure better and more predictable tool life and border security.

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