pallet inverter for forklift

pallet changing machine

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The pallet turning machine is also called pallet inverter. The pallet changing machine is mainly used to turn the pallet on the pallet and turn it under the cargo, and it is used to extract or replace the pallet, which is convenient for the forklift to load and unload the cargo. The tray turning machine has a novel and unique design. It is manufactured by introducing advanced German technology. The lifting and rotating are stable, which is very convenient and greatly improves the work efficiency. The tray replacement turning machine hydraulic motor HZBMR250 has stable rotation, stable performance and low noise. HZ5KW lifting pump station 1400r / min With a displacement of 10.0mL / r, it is powerful and easy to work for a long time. It uses high-quality multi-way valve HZ7060DL-3, which has a stable turning and high safety. It can be equipped with power sockets suitable for each country according to the requirements of different countries. It is mainly used for Cement, granules, plastic film, canned food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries

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