Vertical bearing winding packaging machine

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The winding machine is a kind of special ring high efficiency winding equipment. There are different types of ring winding packaging machines, which can provide NIC packaging solutions for ring bodies. For the soil packing machine or bearing packing machine, the speed of the ring and roll can be adjusted by the frequency converter to adapt to the material. It is the most effective packaging equipment, which meets the requirements of high packaging rate, minimum space and low labor cost.

Common faults and solutions of winding machine

With the development of economy, there are more and more manufacturers using winding machine. Winding machine is now a popular packaging equipment. Winding machine is mainly used to wrap products through winding film, which is what we usually call winding packaging machine, wrapping machine, common faults of winding machine and solutions?

Causes of common faults and Solutions

The turntable can only be started after being pushed by people. This is because the starting time of the converter slow start setting is too long. It needs to be reset

The dial does not stop. 1. The dial switch may be damaged. Repair the dial switch

2. The proximity switch at the bottom of the machine may be damaged. Replace it

The rotary table cannot be slowly started or stopped. It may be that the parameter of the frequency converter is not set correctly and reset

There is noise when the turntable rotates. 1. The floor may be uneven, so the user is required to sort out or replace the place

2. If the roller bearing at the bottom of the rotary table is seriously damaged, replace the bearing or the roller

The frequency converter displays overload alarm. If the voltage is unstable, it can only improve the quality of power supply or adjust the acceleration and deceleration time of frequency converter

The connecting parts (square bar) of the driving rubber roller and the membrane frame are damaged. 1. They are damaged during transportation and replaced

2. Human impact and replacement

The film feeding speed of the membrane rack can not be adjusted. 1. The DC speed regulating box is damaged and there is no output replacement

2. The tension adjusting button is damaged and replaced

The above is to analyze the common faults and solutions of the winding machine. If there is anything else not mentioned, I hope you can contact us and develop together. Of course, if you have any other questions, please contact us. We are looking forward to your call.

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