steel wire compacting line

It’s very nice to meet you and your team, I will follow your project in the next.
We have checked your data sheet through, one thing we found is that you intend to strap with steel wire.
I’m sorry to say currently we are not able to provide this solution, but we would like to propose the PET strapping. The reason for this proposal is because the steel wire is not a material for automatic strapping process, there are steel strapping machine in the market, just the price is too high. Currently, we purchase the steel strapping head from Japan, which the price is very expensive, Chinese domestically made might a little bit cheaper but the performance is not very stable. For your case, there is no need for steel strapping, the PET strapping is the best option, both cheap and practical.
From our experience, four PET straps are enough for your case and condition. We already have fabricate few steel wire compacting line with PET strapping, they are performing well.

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