Large heat shrinker



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FHOPE this series of models are specially designed and manufactured for door panel, foam board, glass panel, three plywood, solid wood plate and other kinds of shrink wrap.

It has high load-carrying capacity and adopts multiple high-power internal circulation fans, which makes the shrinkage chamber have more uniform and sufficient internal circulation hot air, thus ensuring the overall shrinkage packaging effect of large flat goods.

Main components of heat shrinking machine

We are now using a packaging equipment in many enterprises: heat shrinkable packaging machine, the main role is to heat the shrinkable film attached to the products to be packaged, the heat shrinkable packaging machine is mainly used in conjunction with the sealing and cutting machine, there are many kinds of heat shrinkable packaging machines in the market, the following is a brief introduction of some details that customers should pay attention to when installing the heat shrinkable packaging machine Question.

The power consumption of heat shrinkable packaging machine and winding machine is very large, so the power of input power must be greater than the nominal power indicated on the nameplate of shrinkable machine, otherwise the circuit or electrical components may be burnt. When connecting the power supply, be sure to avoid hazards.

Machines like packaging machines must be grounded reliably to protect personal safety. Prevent the occurrence of static electricity.

Each machine is provided with a cable connecting to the power supply when leaving the factory. The end lead part of the cable is provided with the identification symbol of the power supply. It must be connected correctly. An error in operation may cause electric shock.

When the machine has marked the voltage as three-phase 380V power supply, the zero line must be input at the same time. The standard three-phase four wire system other packaging equipment is also like the vacuum packaging machine. Otherwise, the machine can not work normally, and it is easy to burn the internal electrical components.

The machine must be installed professionally and carefully, otherwise the service life of the electric heating pipe will be shortened. For machines with mesh belt conveyor, the inclined installation will cause the conveyor belt to deviate from the center.

When the machine is used continuously for more than three months, the temperature resistant wires in the contraction chamber shall be checked and replaced according to the aging degree.

During the operation of the machine, the palm and other parts of the operator are not allowed to contact with the operating parts of the machine, especially the temperature inside the contraction chamber is extremely high, which is easy to burn.

After the packaging work, first turn off the heating switch, let the conveying motor and motor run for about 10 minutes, and then cut off the whole power supply.

The most important thing is that after the customer has bought the heat shrinkable packaging machine, he must formulate the corresponding safety operation procedures, and at the same time, he must train the personnel who operate the machine until the operators are proficient. We should not only tell the operators to operate according to the rules and regulations, but also mainly for the sake of our safe production, safety first, and enterprise protection Personal safety and property are not damaged.

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